America Support Banner Stencil

America Support Banner Stencil

Show your support for the causes you care about with the America Support Banner stencil.

Use any color of paint for permanent markings or spray chalk for temporary markings wherever you want to show support for your cause. Great for the next run for a cause, parade route, anywhere else you want to show your support for a cause.

The America Support Banner Stencil is 8 Inch Image Width


  • 10 mil polyester film (mylar) - This material is used for industrial stencils, not cardboard or oil board
  • Solvent proof - You can clean your stencils with paint remover, acetone (fingernail polish remover), turpentine/mineral spirits, or anything recommended to clean paint
  • Flexible - Mylar has the ability to be rolled very tightly and it will always bounce back to its flat shape
  • Tough - Your stencils can be used hundreds of times and is virtualy impossible to tear with your bare hands

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