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We make top quality reusable stencils that turn standard targets into skill building training tools.

Dynamic decision making and shoot/no shoot training is a critical aspect of firearms training for both law enforcement and citizens who choose to arm them selves for self defense.

Our stencils give Law Enforcement Firearms Training Officers and Concealed Carry Instructors a unique tool to enhance their training programs while still being very budget friendly.

Double Hand No Shoot Target Stencil

Double Hand No Shoot Target Stencil - IDPA - IPSC - USPSA

The double hand no shoot target is common at almost every IDPA shooting competition and are equally at home in shoot/no shoot tactical training scenarios.  Save time and make great looking, more exciting double hand no shoot targets with this stencil.

The stencil is wider than the standard IDPA or USPSA/IPSC targets to prevent over spray and now you don't have to flip over the single hand stencil to get left and right hands, saving time and keeping paint off your hands.

Material Dimensions: 11.7 X 20 inches
Image Dimensions: 8 x 17 inches

  • 10 mil polyester film (mylar) - This material is used for industrial stencils, not cardboard or oil board
  • Solvent proof - You can clean your stencils with paint remover, acetone (fingernail polish remover), turpentine/mineral spirits, or anything recommended to clean paint
  • Flexible - Mylar has the ability to be rolled very tightly and it will always bounce back to its flat shape
  • Tough - Your stencils can be used hundreds of times and is virtualy impossible to tear with your bare hands

**Cardboard targets shown in images sold separately


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